The Story So Far:

(A rewrite of this is in process, don't mind the abrupt ending for now)

In 2008 I realized photography was my true calling. The course options in my first three years of high school did not provide a clear path forward. I decided to look at options beyond those of my current school at the end of grade 11. I transferred from Colonel By Secondary School to Gloucester High School for my senior year. Unfortunately, grade 12 photography was planned for first semester, and grade 11 in the second. This cheated me out of participating in both classes.

Despite this, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my schedule for second semester. I had spare first period followed by photography. Our classroom was shared with ceramics; however, I was permitted use of the darkroom before my class. I spent those 75 minutes experimenting in darkness and solitude. Darkroom concepts naturally made sense to me from having made a pinhole camera in 7th year and playing with Photoshop and other light-bending toys in my childhood. I played with various techniques of enlargement and film manipulation. My session of self discovery concluded when the bell rang, and I emerged to join my classmates for our lesson.

Upon graduation it was now clear what profession I wanted to pursue when I applied to post secondary education. I decided to take on full time employment as a dish washer at the Highlander Pub to save for tuition. Soon thereafter I was promoted to food prep supervisor and managed the kitchen’s inventory. In a year I saved up enough to enroll in the photography program at Algonquin.

I worked with a medium format field camera during my time at Algonquin. This built on my existing knowledge of film and digital environments. There is nothing quite like the freedom field cameras have to offer. Classmates of mine were eager to move on to their DSLRs, but I knew I would one day yearn to return to these relics of a lost age. It has since become a long-term goal of mine to acquire a medium or large format field camera to further explore my interest in fine art photography.

I left the program early and proceeded to make a few questionable life choices while trying to find my way. I worked several jobs in a few cities before returning to Ottawa. I spoke with my father who provided me with the opportunity to create my own business to pursue my passion and prove that photography is not a lost art however I shortly thereafter fell out of love with that idea too and have since been trying to find my way yet again.